We have invested in two clothing factories in our local area. Moreover, we are working with 3 woven garment factories and 3 knitwear factories. All these factories have been working with us for nearly 10 years. Our powerful production network and capacity empower us to accomplish the heavy production load, and to ensure every order to be finished timely and orderly even in the peak seasons.
In the long time cooperation process, each of our factories has formed its own specialty and product feature. Your every order will be well evaluated and placed to produce at the most-fit factory.
In addition, we extensively advocate the concept of Agile Manufacturing to ensure that each order can be completed nimbly and quickly.
Besides factories, our business support system consists of sample room, technicians, pattern makers and QA team, which facilitates our business teams to directly work and communicate with our customers. Once you start to work with us, you can obtain a strong backup from our pro- fessional and systematical team to carry out your every instruction and provide you with a thorough solution.
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